Canada Immigration

Immigration to Canada through a variety of programs

Canada is ardently looking forward to welcoming newcomers, be it skilled workers or international students, it is forever seeking potential new immigrants who would contribute to its economic growth. All this is evident from the increased immigration targets, for instance, the country wishes to welcome nearly 500,000 new permanent residents by 2025. The country has maintained its reputation for being the most welcoming country for newcomers over the past few years. It does so by offering a plethora of immigration pathways, with around a hundred programs.

Go ahead and checkout the various pathways and programs for Canadian immigration. Analyze at your best what seems to be the most appropriate pathway suited to your requirements and situations.

NavaImmigration offers the various pathways for your convenience in choosing the best Canadian immigration program.

Express Entry System

The concept of the Express Entry system emerged in 2015 and it turned out to be the most productive and quickest immigration pathway, with a standard processing time of just six months.

Family Sponsorship

Canada has always aimed to reunite families as it believes in enhancing the idea of togetherness and warmth within families, specifically for those living separately from them in Canada.

Skilled and Professional
Worker Program

The Skilled and Professional Worker Program is for skilled workers who are ready to contribute to Canada’s economy and help the country combat the current labor shortages.

Provincial Nominee Program

Candidates who seek immigration to a particular province or territory in Canada can undertake the pathway to Provincial Nominee Programs, which are different for nearly all provinces.

Business Immigration

If you’re on the lookout for some serious business in Canada, with a concrete business idea and plan to implement, then business immigration is for you!

Temporary Visa

Temporary visitors in Canada are a welcome sight, be it their love for Canada’s natural beauty or their interest in gaining Canadian work experience. Temporary Visas are best for them!

Canadian Permanent Residency

Those who are hard-core lovers of Canada and would like to put in their foot in this country for a lifetime must access Canadian Permanent Residency and enjoy all the benefits of being a Permanent Resident in Canada.

Visitor’s Visa

A Canada Visitor Visa is all you’ll need if you’ve been waiting to hop on the plane as a tourist to Canada. This one’s the best and simplest visa of all time!

Student Visa

Achieve Your Academic Goals in Canada with The Student Visa Program.
Explore Your Educational Prospects Now!